Map of Estonia

National Flag Estonia

Map of  Estonia

Geographic Coordinates:59 00 N, 26 00 E
Location:Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland, between Latvia and Russia
Area:total: 45,226 sq km land: 43,211 sq km water: 2,015 sq km note: includes 1,520 islands in the Baltic Sea
Area - comparative:slightly smaller than New Hampshire and Vermont combined
Land boundaries:total: 633 km border countries: Latvia 339 km, Russia 294 km
Coastline:3,794 km
Terrain:marshy, lowlands; flat in the north, hilly in the south
Elevation extremes:lowest point: Baltic Sea 0 m highest point: Suur Munamagi 318 m
Capital:15 counties (maakonnad, singular - maakond): Harjumaa (Tallinn), Hiiumaa (Kardla), Ida-Virumaa (Johvi), Jarvamaa (Paide), Jogevamaa (Jogeva), Laanemaa (Haapsalu), Laane-Virumaa (Rakvere), Parnumaa (Parnu), Polvamaa (Polva), Raplamaa (Rapla), Saaremaa (Kuressaare), Tartumaa (Tartu), Valgamaa (Valga), Viljandimaa (Viljandi), Vorumaa (Voru) note: counties have the administrative center name following in parentheses

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